You are a powerful viking! And Odin has granted you a QUEST!

Pillage, conquer, chat and flirt with villages all over the world in this historically accurate viking adventure. Will you find the inanimate location of your heart?

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Help / Controls

You can use any of the following input methods

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Touchscreen
  • Gamepad


Content updates are provided when a country is complete.

  1.  Core Mechanics
  2.  Demo
  3.  England (8 Levels in game)
  4.  France (7 Levels in game)
  5.  Sweden (7 Levels planned)
  6.  Iceland (7 Levels planned)
  7.  Playable Vikings
  8.  Animations
  9.  Menus


  • Benjamin Justice (Code)
  • Stefanie Curth (Art)
  • Christian Plinke (Music & Sound)
  • Henrik Porath (Game Design, Animation)
  • Sergej Tihonov (Code)


Download 119 MB
Version 1.3.5 Jan 12, 2023
Download 129 MB
Version 1.3.5 Jan 12, 2023
Download 118 MB
Version 1.3.5 Jan 12, 2023

Development log


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Hello, the Link to your discord server on this page is not working anymore. Can you renew it please? :)

Oh, thanks! We fixed it now